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Bowen Health & Body

Are you ready to experience a deep wave of calm and serenity, while your body effectively gets to work?

Meet the power of Bowen!

Hi, and welcome to Bowen Health & Body; your premier care provider for men, women, and children alike. Founder Chandra Carrier has a true genuine passion for healing and rebalancing the body, helping to empowering you from the inside out. With 17 years of healthcare experience, Chandra stands as the foremost expert in Hormones Balancing and Reproductive Resets. She also serves as your reliable guide for issues such as migraines, body aches, back pain, sports injuries, and more.

As an expert in in Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Muscle Testing, Hormones and Fertility with Bowen, Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, Andromedan Lightwork, Iliopsoas Damage and Non Verbal Trauma Release, she employs a direct and efficient approach to swiftly uncover and resolve the root of your concerns, enhancing your quality of life while transforming your body.

So, whether you’re navigating the complexities of menopause, loss of libido, infertility, toddler tantrums, bedwetting or daily discomfort, Chandra is dedicated to your well-being. 

Bowen Health & Body is your one-stop-shop for chronic conditions, injuries, and overall wellness. Curious how Bowen can work for you? Book a Free Consultation with Chandra today, and discover the path to a more revitalized and balanced you.

How It Works: Your First Session

At Bowen Health & Body, we make your first Bowen experience tranquil and transformative. We understand that it can be intimidating to start a new type of therapy when other options may have failed you in the past, so we aim to be transparent about the whole process. If you have any questions, please book an appointment or call us directly to speak to one of our specialist.

1. Book Your Appointment

Simply click the “Book Appointment” button in the right corner of your screen. You will be given prompts to choose a convenient time and location.

2. Experience the Power of Bowen

At the time of your appointment, just relax and let Chandra work her magic.  A first session usually lasts 1.5 – 2 hrs with the intake.

3. Feel Your Quality of Life Improve

After your first session, you will feel rejuvenated and your pain will subside. With each subsequent session, these effects become more pronounced.

About Chandra

Hello, I’m Chandra Carrier, and I’ve dedicated 17 years of my life to the healthcare field. Throughout those years, I’ve always had a burning desire to do more, to make a difference in people’s lives. I believe everyone deserves the best Quality of Life available to them, and that belief led me to establish Bowen Health & Body.

As the founder, I’m not just your Bowen Transformational Therapist– I’m your compassionate ally, committed to empowering you from the inside out. 

With extensive experience in both holistic care and the healthcare industry, those I’ve had the privilege of caring for—patients, friends, and family alike—can attest to my unwavering commitment to prioritizing people and their well-being first.

 Your route to a revitalized, balanced, and empowered version of yourself starts right here, right now!

Ready to improve your Quality of Life?

Ready to start a journey towards enhanced well-being?  Secure your spot now and discover the transformative influence of Bowen Health & Body.

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